2021 Audi R8 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


It has a massive V-10 engine that is tucked behind its ultra-modern cabin The 2021 R8 is Audi’s most coveted car. It shares its engine and the mechanics of the more raucous Lamborghini Huracan However, its more mellow design and style are more subtle. This can be a positive or bad thing, depending on the goals you want to achieve with your luxury car that costs six figures. With 602 horsepower it is the R8 is truly fast, and the note of exhaust will make you shiver. Inside, Audi’s most innovative technology features are displayed with a reconfigurable gauge cluster, which comes standard with navigation. The use of premium materials throughout the cabin, making it look and feel like the R8’s cost.

What’s New for 2021?

Audi has added rear-wheel drive on its 532-hp versions of the entry-level Coupe and Spyder. This is a change from last year’s basic models, which had the V-10’s 562-hp power and all-wheel drive. To obtain all-wheel drive, one have to upgrade to the more costly and more robust R8 Performance versions, that have 602 horses.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

With a car that is as flashy as the R8 We’d suggest opting for the Spyder. In the end, with an open top, people can get an up-close view of the dog who is privileged to be behind the steering wheel. The choice between Standard and performance models can be a difficult choice. On one side, even the 532-hp V-10 offers incredible acceleration and the exact loud roar like an equivalent 602-hp model. However it is possible that stepping up at your next Cars and Coffee event with the most powerful R8 might feel slightly more thrilling.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The engine in the R8 comes in two different strengths, each with enough power to blow the wind off of uninitiated passengers. They can also pierce your ears with their hypnotic exhalations. The R8’s seven-speed dual clutch automatic isn’t the smoothest of gearboxes however. It sometimes downshifts abruptly and sometimes too deeply leading to neck-snapping acceleration, followed by the speed of an upshift almost immediately to the next gear. The base R8 comes having an adjustable suspension and the Performance models come with an aggressive fixed-damper system. They both absorb bumps well and offer a smooth ride that can be enjoyed without fatigue during long drives. The R8’s smoothness has a downside however: in the full attack mode it cannot handle the corners as smoothly than its competitors and, at times, it can feel more unstable than you’d expect an R8 to feel. The steering system is straight and transmits details from the roads into the driver’s hands in a manner that gives them enough feeling.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

A cost-effective option it’s not. What is the point? In fact, all-wheel-drive R8 models regardless of the roof style and horsepower ratings, come with the identical EPA estimates of fuel efficiency, but they’re not exactly impressive. Actually, the R8’s figures for fuel economy (13 mpg in city and 20 mpg on the road, should indeed you need to be aware) are so low that buyers have to pay a tax of $1700 on gas as a part of the purchase cost. That’s right.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Minimalism never felt so luxurious. With the instrument cluster being able to double as an infotainment display, Audi provides a refreshingly minimalist layout that lets the exquisitely sculpted sports seats as well as the high-resolution digital gauge cluster are the main focus of the cockpit of the R8. Audi permits some degree of personalization with regards to interior color and texture: Black and gray, brown and red leather are available in either the flat or quilted patterns and also with contrast or matching stitching. Overall, it’s an elegantly constructed cockpit with easy-to-use controls and sleek features like the ignition button at the top of the steering wheel. It’s not like people buy a luxury car because of its utility however, the R8 isn’t going against the trend by offering a real cargo space. We tested it and found that it had enough room for one or two carry-on luggages So, pack lightly.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The impressive Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster performs double duty, showing both the instrumentation as well as an MMI Infotainment System. It’s as futuristic like it does in Audi’s other models like The A4 or the TT. High-resolution navigation is standard, and the system can be controlled via voice commands, steering-wheel-mounted buttons, or a clickwheel on the center console. A built-in 4G LTE WiFi hotspot standard, as is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto feature are available, too.

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