2019 Tesla Model 3 Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

Tesla, an American electric vehicle company, is well-known for producing high-performance roadsters and luxury cars. The Model 3 is a family-friendly sedan that they launched in 2017. The Tesla Model 3 is now a huge success. The Model 3’s small size, great range, futuristic interior and premium feature set make it competitive with other EVs and luxury compact cars.


The Tesla Model 3 is a powerful machine. The Model 3’s impressive 200-plus mile range and high-tech features make this a contender in electric vehicle sales. Tesla has done an excellent job in creating a car that is refined and comfortable. The technology used to improve driving experience while still being user-friendly was also a great fit.

Pricing and Trims

The 2019 Tesla Model 3 is available in three trims: Long Range Plus, Standard Range Plus, and Performance.

The Standard Range Plus starts at $40,000. The Standard Range Plus starts at $40,000.

Prices for the Long Range and Performance trims are approximately $48,000 and $57,000 respectively, before savings and options. The Premium Interior is shared by both the Long Range and Performance trims. It features 12-way power-adjustable rear and front heated seats, a premium audio system with 14 speakers, in-car Internet streaming, a browser, LED fog lamps, and interior floor mats.

To go with the more powerful battery, the Performance model gets performance upgrades. The Performance model has a lower suspension, performance brakes and aluminum alloy brake pedals. It also features a carbon fiber spoiler, Track Mode, an increased top speed, and a lower suspension.

The $6,000 Autopilot package is one of the few options available for the Model 3. This allows the vehicle’s autonomy to drive, accelerate, and brake with no driver input. The Model 3 can be driven on any highway. Once the navigation is set, the Model 3 will drive the vehicle to the exit ramp. The Tesla can automatically change lanes when it approaches a slower vehicle. Autopilot includes city-friendly features such as auto-parking (both perpendicular and parallel) and the Summon function. This allows you to summon your car from a parking lot, and it will drive itself.

Engine and Performance

Model 3’s run on electricity. Standard Range Plus boasts a EPA-estimated 240 mile range and a combined fuel economy of 134 MPGE (EPA EV equivalent)

The Long Range comes with a larger battery pack and is capable of traveling 310 miles per charge. It produces 346 horsepower and 389 lb/ft of torque.

Two motors power the Long Range and Performance models. One powering the front wheels, one the rear. Tesla claims that the dual motor setup can react to changing driving conditions in as short as 10 milliseconds. Drivers could also safely use the second motor to drive to their destination if the first fails.

The most powerful trim of the Model 3 is the Performance trim. The Performance trim shares the Long Range’s approximate 310-mile range. However, its battery pack produces the equivalent of 450 horsepower as well as 471 lb/ft.


The interior of the Tesla Model 3 is futuristic and stylish. The cockpit is dominated by a high-resolution touchscreen measuring 15 inches in size that controls nearly every function of the vehicle. The large size of the touchscreen allows for quick navigation and media selection. The interior is clean and modern, with great attention to detail. The steering wheel is easy to use, with turn-signal and windshield wiper stalks. The cabin has good headroom and is light.

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